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German Studies. Undergraduate Program


The Department of German Studies offers a variety of programs in German language and linguistics, literature, culture, and thought. The department provides students with the ability to explore the significance of the cultural traditions and political histories of the German-speaking countries of Central Europe.
An education in German Studies not only encourages the student to consider the effects of German-speaking thinkers and artists on the modern world, but also provides a lens through which the contours of the present and past can be evaluated. The department offers students the opportunity to pursue course work at all levels in the languages, cultures, literatures, and intellectual histories of the German-language traditions.
The department offers a major in German Studies and one in German and Philosophy, which offers students the opportunity to combine studies in literature and philosophy. The two minors offered by the department are abbreviated versions of the major. We offer a Minor in German Language and Culture and a Minor in German Cultural Studies, the former with a focus on language and the latter with a focus on culture.
Additionally, the Division of Literatures, Cultures, and Languages offers an undergraduate minor in Modern Languages. This minor draws on literature and language courses offered in this and other literature departments.
The theme house Haus Mitteleuropa is an undergraduate residence on campus with a focus on German culture. It hosts events and social gatherings, provides opportunities to experience German culture and to practice German language.
The Stanford campus in Berlin invites undergraduates to spend one or more quarters in the Geman capital. It offers courses taught by Stanford professors and collaborates with local institutions and businesses to offer internships and other academic opportunities. Please visit the BOSP website for details.