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Undergraduate Fellowships

The Haas Center’s Undergraduate Fellowships Program engages students in full-time, nine-week, public service experiences to integrate academic learning and field-based service. Fellowships offer students opportunities for personal growth and development, career exploration, and intellectual inquiry, while making contributions to public service organizations and communities around the world. Fellowship awards begin at $4,000 and are adjusted for students with demonstrated financial need. Additional living expenses supplements may be available for students spending the summer abroad or in high cost-of-living domestic locations.

Fellows can pursue prearranged placements or self-designed opportunities in both domestic and international settings across the Haas Center’s Pathways of Public Service. Our programs include pre-field preparatory programs and advising, cohort development, faculty engagement, and reflection opportunities during and after the fellowship experience.

Use the table below to explore our diverse array of opportunities to serve, and feel free to contact Valerie Chow or Hilary Douglas at the Haas Center with any questions.

In addition to the fellowships listed in the table below, please also see this list of immersive and intensive service opportunities offered by our Cardinal Quarter campus partners.

Fellowship Name Location
Advancing Gender Equity Fellowship Local, U.S. Learn about gender, diversity, and social justice through a summer practicum with a nonprofit organization or government agency addressing social, political, or economic issues affecting women.
African Service Fellowship International Learn about and help alleviate social and economic problems in Africa.
Alexander Tung Memorial Fellowship Local, U.S., International Design and implement a summer project that explores the use of science and technology for the benefits of society.
Andrew J. Daher Memorial Fellowship Local, U.S., International Develop projects that explore the intersections of business or economics and public service.
BOSP Continuation International Fellowship International Allows students to apply what they have learned through a Bing Overseas Studies Program and further engage this learning during a summer internship in the country where the student has completed at least one quarter of a study abroad experience.
Cardinal Course Fellowship Local, U.S., International Cardinal Course Fellowships allow students to apply what they have learned through a Cardinal Course and further engage this learning during a summer practicum experience working with a host community organization.
Community Arts Fellowship Local, U.S., International Work in the areas of curating, presenting, outreach, and arts education.
Corporate Social Responsibility Fellowship Local, U.S., International Work with a mentor in corporate affairs, global affairs, community relations or CSR department at a corporate headquarters or in a corporate foundation.
CS+Social Good Summer Fellowship Local, U.S., International Design your own summer experience working with an organization using technology to address social issues.
Donald A. Strauss Scholarship Local, U.S., International Complete a high-impact public service project in your junior or senior year that addresses current issues in a concrete way. (summer and academic year)
Donald Kennedy Public Service Fellowship Local, U.S., International Design and implement a summer service project with measurable outcomes that helps communities take a creative approach to addressing their needs.
Earth Systems Public Service Summer Fellowship Local, U.S., International Allows students to apply what they have learned through interdisciplinary environmental studies and further engage this learning during a summer internship experience.
East Palo Alto Social Venture Fellowship Local Implement an innovative project that addresses economic, environmental, educational, and/or social needs in East Palo Alto.
Education Achievement Fellowship U.S. Allows students to engage in a summer practicum experience at education-focused nonprofit organizations, foundations, or government agencies as part of a cohort in Boulder, Colorado.
Education and Youth Development Fellowship Local Work with local community organizations and youth to improve education access and opportunity.
Engineering in Service International Fellowship International Students apply what they have learned through their academic studies during a summer practicum experience working with a technical/engineering-centered international nonprofit organization or government agency.
FEED Collaboration Innovation Local Work on projects related to collective impact and innovation strategy for designing a more sustainable local food system.
Halper Summer Fellowship International Pursue international public service opportunities in partnership with community organizations around the world.
Huffington Pride Summer Fellowship Local, U.S., International Address LGBT issues with an organization actively engaged in this work.
International Service Grants International Grant funds can be used to pay for costs associated with organized international service-learning programs.
Koret Foundation Fellowship Local, U.S. Design and implement summer service projects within the context of the Jewish community.
Minev Family Fellowship International Engage in public service opportunities in Brazil, Bulgaria, or other countries in South America.
Philanthropy Fellowship Local Learn about and participate in the grant making process at a San Francisco Bay Area foundation.
Program on Social Entrepreneurship Internships Local, International Opportunities to work with the Social Entrepreneurs in Residence at Stanford (SEERS) Fellows for students who are interested in social innovation career pathways.
Public Interest Law Fellowship Local, U.S. Work to advance the public good and achieve social justice through the law.
Public Scholarship Summer Fellowship Local, U.S., International Implement or follow through on an outreach or service component of a significant research project. *For graduating seniors and coterms.
Roland Longevity Fellowship Local, U.S., International Conduct research on issues of aging or provide service to long-lived adults.
Schneider Fellows U.S. The Schneider Fellows program provides Stanford students, at all levels, with opportunities to work at leading U.S.-based non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the sustainable energy field. Schneider Fellows spend a quarter or a full year tackling the world’s economic, environmental, social, and technical challenges associated with past, present, and future approaches to sustainable energy.
Social E Fellows Local Work in the social entrepreneurship arena with an established social entrepreneur as a mentor.
Spirituality, Service and Social Change Fellowship Local Integrate spiritual exploration with service to communities in the Bay Area.
Stanford in Government (SIG) Fellowships and Stipends Local, U.S., International Gain meaningful public policy experience at government and nonprofit organizations.
TomKat Ranch Sustainable Agriculture Internship Local Work on a ranch that serves as a learning laboratory for animal agriculture focused on climate stability, nature's benefits, healthy food, biodiversity, and vibrant community.
Urban Summer Local, U.S. Work at an organization addressing urban issues (e.g., architecture, civil rights, community organizing, education, urban planning).
Fellowship Name Location
Andrea Naomi Leiderman Fellowship Local, U.S. Conduct research on an issue centering on youth and education in California to further a commitment to working with children and youth.
Jane Stanford Fellowships Local, U.S., International Design and implement a service initiative that expands on work started through a service-learning course, study abroad experience, Alternative Spring Break, or other campus program. *Fellowship duration is one quarter.