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Oxford Highlights

Student Profile - Alexandra Nutkiewicz
"I valued a more immersive experience in a smaller college town than one in a major European city in order to better experience the culture and customs of the University while having the chance to meet foreign students."

Student Profile - Jai Sajnani
"The program at Oxford has a reputation of being academically grueling and time-consuming. While I definitely had a fair share of coursework, I did find myself with an equal amount of free time to explore and travel which was quite unexpected."

About Oxford

An integral part of the Oxford program is the tutorial system, the characteristic form of undergraduate instruction at Oxford University. Stanford students have often described the experience as "the single most challenging, yet rewarding academic experience" that they have had while an undergraduate at Stanford.  Tutorials give you an opportunity to explore a subject one-on-one, in depth, with a professor within that respective field.