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Developing a Custom Program

Our five-stage process ensures maximum impact and success.

In a collaborative, multistep process that typically requires approximately six months, we will work with you and your organization to assess your needs and design your program.

Confirm a Faculty Director

Once we have reviewed your custom program inquiry form and are ready to proceed with a proposal, our staff will begin conversations with your team.

Once an agreement is signed, we will review potential faculty directors and select one whose expertise and research align with your program goals.

Identify Your Organization’s Needs

We will conduct interviews with key stakeholders to fully understand:

  • The state of the business, strengths, challenges and opportunities, and the organizational culture.
  • Program objectives and desired outcomes.
  • Desired areas of focus and priorities, target audience, and timing.
  • How to incorporate the program into the organization’s broader leadership development process and goals.

Design the Program Experience

We will customize the program to meet your learning needs:

  • Confirm program architecture (e.g., format, dates, and duration).
  • Refine areas of focus and priorities.
  • Finalize cohort size and frequency of delivery.
  • Outline how the program [and its goals] will be described to participants.

Collaborative Implementation: Before, During & After

Before the program even begins, we communicate with participants to build excitement, set expectations, and assign any work to be done in advance.

Next, we deliver the academically rigorous curriculum and support participants throughout the program, both on-campus and online.

The members of our client services team are responsive to your needs, providing a high level of service to ensure excellence for everyone involved, whether you’re planning or participating. Our goal is to make sure all the logistics — from food to housing, and everything in between — seamlessly enhance and support the learning experience.

Participant Feedback and Client Evaluation

Feedback — from both you and the participants — is key.

Following each program, we capture participant feedback, conduct a Stanford-client debriefing, and refine content as needed for future cohorts and programs.