Capital Planning

Stanford's Capital Plan is a three-year rolling plan with budget commitments made for the first year, and then only for projects with fully identified and approved funding. The plan forecasts both cash flow and budget impacts by year, demonstrating the longer than three-year impact of the plan. The Capital Plan is set in the context of an approximate ten-year capital forecast for the University.

DCP's Role in Preparing the Capital Plan

The Department of Capital Planning:

  • Leads the annual development of Stanford's Capital Plan
  • Analyzes, organizes and prioritizes capital project requests within the framework of fiscal, funding, physical and other constraints
  • Maintains database and reporting tools and leads the Provost's Capital Plan committee through the annual planning process
  • Provides key linkage between academic priorities of the University and capital projects
  • Communicates on a regular basis with Land, Buildings and Real Estate colleagues about the Capital Plan
  • Participates in the production of the annual Capital Plan and Budget chapter in Stanford's Annual Budget Report

To learn more about the Capital Plan process, please view the following presentation (pdf)

For detailed information on the Capital Plan, read the Capital Plan chapter in Stanford's Annual Budget Report (pdf).