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'Alice in Wonderland Syndrome' Caused by Acid Flashback

Named after the famous children's book, "Alice in Wonderland Syndrome" is marked by visual disturbances that cause objects to look too big, too small, too close or too far away.

Pregnancy often leads to changes in migraines

Women who suffer from migraines may notice changes in their headache patterns when they're pregnant, experts say.

Director of Stanford Headache Clinic answers your questions on migraines and headache disorders

Migraines and other forms of headache disorders can cause debilitating pain, disrupt lives and lead to large economic and societal costs. At the Stanford Headache Clinic, director Robert Cowan, MD, who has suffered migraines his entire life, works with colleagues to relieve patients’ pain through a treatment approach focusing on prevention and integrating medical, physical, psychological and complementary medicine. 

Migraine 101: A 3-Step Guide to Managing Headaches

Why me? Every headache sufferer asks this question at some point. In this video, Robert Cowan, MD, migraine researcher and director of our Headache Clinic, shares his insights on how to manage your migraines – a condition that he and the more than 10,000 patients he has cared for suffer from.

Migraine-plagued middle-school student returns to normal life

Jaden Turner suffered from migraine headaches so severe that on many days exposure to anything more than dim light or a soft voice was agonizingly painful. 

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