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The following is an index of Stanford Report articles which feature video supplements. The videos are available for viewing in multiple formats: Quicktime, Real, and Windows Media. Click on the article headline to open that article in a new window, and then look for the "Video" icon to play the associated video.

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  12/20/00 Scientists, archaeologists and historians unravel the mystery of Egypt's sunken cities
  10/20/00 Video clip of President John Hennessy's inauguration speech
  10/00 University offers 6-acre site for Palo Alto community center: Hennessy comments on land proposal
  9/22/00 Campus welcomes new students with Orientation, Convocation
  9/20/00 Paul Ehrlich challenges evolutionary psychology and the 'selfish gene' in his new book, Human Natures
  9/14/00 Art Walker : 'favorite sun' of solar physics

Modeling the future: Workshop explores new dimensions in virtual prototyping
Video 1
Video 2
  5/27/98 Making waves: Flare leaves Sun quaking
  4/8/98 Campus celebrates founding family's generosity 
  4/23/98 Five students go to press
  1/28/98 Gates: Software changing the 'very mechanism of capitalism'
  1/7/98 Pat Jones: Loving life in the lab