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English for Foreign Students Staff
2015-2016 (Offices)

Kristopher Geda -- Lecturer (Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh)
     Kristopher teaches courses in academic writing, speaking, and listening to graduate students during the academic year. His main areas of interest are writing, grammar, and extra-curricular communicative skills such as developing the cultural literacy to successfully write professional documents like cover letters, CVs, and resumes, as well as make and receive professional phone calls. Having lived and taught EFL in France, he is also relatively well-traveled internationally. Kristopher is proficient in Spanish and French, and he can hold a basic conversation in Mandarin.


Phil Hubbard -- Senior Lecturer in Linguistics and EFS Director (Ph.D., University of California, San Diego)
     Phil is the director of the EFS program and teaches courses in listening, oral presentation and advanced writing for graduate students, as well as a course on second language acquisition and language teaching. A specialist in computer-assisted language learning (CALL), he has published a number of ESL software programs and articles on CALL methodology, and he serves on the editorial boards of several journals devoted to technology in language teaching and learning. His current work centers on technology in language teacher education, using computers to improve listening comprehension, and training for independent language learning. He has studied Albanian, German, Russian, and Spanish.


Andrea Kevech -- Lecturer (M.A., San Francisco State University)
     Andrea teaches courses in listening and academic writing to graduate students and has taught various other courses in the EFS summer program. Her main areas of interest are writing and grammar.  During the academic year she also teaches at San Francisco State. She is proficient in French and Spanish and has studied Japanese.


Robyn Brinks Lockwood -- Lecturer and Coordinator, American Language and Culture Program (M.A., Northwest Missouri State University)
     Robyn teaches courses in writing, interacting in English and academic discussion.  She has written and edited numerous online courses and textbooks for academic listening and speaking, reading and writing, TOEFL preparation, and communication skills.  During the summer, she coordinates Stanford's American Language and Culture program.  She has studied Spanish as well as traveled extensively overseas.


Carole Mawson -- Lecturer (M.A.T., Harvard University)
     Carole teaches courses in pronunciation, oral presentation, and writing to graduate students. Her main areas of interest are pronunciation and intonation, and she is currently chair of the TESOL Interest Section of Speech, Pronunciation, and Listening. She has taught ESL in South America and France. She is proficient in French and Spanish and has studied Japanese and Chinese.


Drew OmanLecturer (M.A., University of San Francisco)      
     Drew teaches courses in pronunciation and oral presentation. His main interest is pronunciation, especially intonation.  During the academic year, he also teaches at De Anza College in Cupertino, CA.  He has studied French, German, and Japanese.


Lisa Singleton Quijano Lecturer (M.A., San Francisco State University)
  Lisa teaches courses in oral presentation and academic writing. She also teaches various courses in the EFS summer program, ESL for Stanford Continuing Studies, and French at Gavilan College. Her specialties are oral presentation and other aspects of advanced oral communication, as well as science writing and other types of advanced writing.  She speaks French and Spanish with high fluency and converses in Thai.  She has studied in France and taught ESL in Japan and Brazil.


Tracey Riesen-- Administrator, Language Center and EFS Summer Programs (B.A., University of Wisconsin)
     Tracey helps manage the summer programs in English for Foreign Students and works on other assignments for the Language Center. She is proficient in Spanish and has also studied Italian.


Kenneth Romeo -- Lecturer and Academic Technology Specialist (Ph.D., Stanford University)
     Ken has taught listening comprehension, pronunciation, vocabulary, writing and American culture. He works in the areas of applied linguistics, educational linguistics, and technology in language education.  He has experience living in China, extensive experience in Japan and is fluent in Japanese.


Connie Rylance -- Lecturer and Coordinator, Graduate Summer Intensive English Program. (M.A., San Francisco State University)
Connie teaches courses in discussion, oral presentation, listening, academic writing, speaking and teaching in English, and American humor, as well as a methodology course for Stanford undergraduates planning to teach English in other countries.  During the summer, she coordinates the Academic Orientation program for graduate students.  She has also taught EFL in Spain and ESL in corporate settings.  Her special interests include helping students develop interpersonal communication strategies and international TA training. She is proficient in Spanish.


Seth A. Streichler -- Lecturer (M.A., University of Michigan).
     Seth teaches courses in interacting in English, academic discussion, and writing for graduate students.  He has also worked as a writer and editor.  Seth’s interests include content-based instruction, language transfer, and perceptions of American civilization among international students.  He is proficient in French and has studied Spanish and Russian.



Dominic Wang -- Lecturer (M.A., San Francisco State University).
     Dominic teaches courses in pronunciation, oral communication, oral presentation, and writing. His main areas of interest are pronunciation and intercultural communication. He has lived and worked for extended periods of time in Asia, and has traveled extensively in Asia, Europe, and North and South America.  He is proficient in Mandarin and has studied Spanish and Japanese.


Updated October 18, 2015