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Enrollment Information and Course Overview

EFS courses are intended for matriculated Stanford graduate students and are for academic credit only. Auditing is not allowed, and we cannot accept visiting students. Note that instructors will generally not be able to accommodate students who miss the first week of classes, and all EFS courses have a 90% attendance requirement for passing. If you are not enrolled for the first class meeting of a course, please contact the instructor to be sure that you will be allowed in before signing up late on AXESS. Click here for more details.

Please read the instructions below carefully.

1) If you know which course or courses you want to take, go to the Online Enrollment Page.

2) If you would like to see the course descriptions go to
Course Descriptions

3) If you would like advice on which courses might be best for you, click on the following links:
TA training

English Courses for International Students

Students typically enroll in English courses three to six hours per week. These courses confer academic credit and all are graded on a Satisfactory (S)/No Credit (NC) basis. Note that these are 3-unit courses, meeting twice a week for 75 minutes (with the exception of 693B, which meets just once a week). However, during the academic year, they may be taken for 1, 2, or 3 units. Only the 3-unit option is available in summer.

Entry to Graduate Study: Click here for course descriptions
1-3 units

 EFS 690A  Interacting in English
 EFS 690B  Academic Discussion
 EFS 693A  Listening Comprehension
 EFS 693B  Advanced Listening Comprehension and Vocabulary Development
 EFS 693R  Graduate Reading and Vocabulary Development
 EFS 695A  Pronunciation and Intonation
 EFS 697  Writing Fundamentals
 EFS 698A  Writing Academic English

Advanced Academic & Professional Development: Click here for course descriptions
1-3 units

 EFS 690C Advanced Interacting in English
 EFS 691 Oral Presentation
 EFS 692 Speaking and Teaching in English
 EFS 694 English for Business, Industry, and Professional Life
 EFS 695B Advanced Pronunciation and Intonation
 EFS 696 Understanding American Humor
 EFS 698B Advanced Graduate Writing
 EFS 698C Writing and Presenting Research


Courses for Teacher Preparation (in the Linguistics Department)

 Ling 90
 Teaching Spoken English
 Ling 191/291
 Linguistics and the Teaching of ESL/EFL

Updated July 30, 2014