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Lathrop Library moves get underway



View from 2nd floor deck of Lathrop Library.

SUL staff will be busy this summer moving out of Meyer Library and into Lathrop Library. Here’s a brief summary of what will be happening.

South Stacks Move
The preliminary collections moves out of Meyer Library began Thursday, June 12, 2014, and the South Stacks collections shift to SAL beginning this coming Monday, June 16.  Access to the South Stacks will be restricted at that time, with the collections fenced off, as movers will be active in the space.  Collections in the space will be accessible by Access Services, who will be on call to address patron requests.  A phone has been installed at the entrance to the South Stacks to allow patrons to easily contact the loan desk, and signs will be posted throughout the area. If you know of patrons who use South Stacks collections regularly, please feel free to share information about the closure.  If you have questions about materials in the South Stacks, please contact Rebecca Pernell.

Once the South Stacks are closed, staff will need to use the ground-level doors to move between Green and Meyer, though the Meyer basement stairwell will remain accessible as an emergency exit from the South Stacks.

The shift to SAL will be complete in mid-July, at which point these materials will be accessible just as other SAL materials are.  Patrons can have the specific items paged to any branch, or can visit SAL personally to browse and retrieve the collections.  Currently, SAL hours are M-F 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. and will be extended effective the start of fall quarter to M-F 1:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. and weekend service added on Sundays from 1:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Staff Moves
The first SUL staff will begin moving out of Meyer and into Lathrop Library on June 16 as well.  The SUL Tech Support team will move first, so that they'll be in place to assist staff and EPs who will be moving in throughout the summer.  Technical Services will follow shortly after, and other departments will follow throughout the summer, with all but a few designated staff moving by mid-September.  Staff moves have been timed to coordinate with collections moves, and to minimize downtime and service disruption.  If you have questions about a particular department's move schedule, please contact Marina Verdian.

EAL Collections Moves
EAL collections moves out of the Meyer mezzanine will follow immediately once the South Stacks collections are shifted to SAL.  That move will begin in mid-July and be complete in August.  Finally, the EAL reference and periodicals collections will shift in coordination with the public service staff move.  EAL has more detailed information about the move on their website.

Official Opening
Some public services will be offered out of Lathrop Library beginning in early September, however, the grand opening to the public is planned for the week of September 18, when students return to campus.  There are several “opening” events being planned, including a ribbon cutting and a staff reception.  Details on opening events will be distributed as dates are confirmed.

Unfortunately, there will be no cafe in the building on opening.  However, a bid process is kicking off to bring in a food service vendor to the former Arbuckle Cafe in the basement of Lathrop.  Expect construction in that space in FY15, as we aim to open the cafe as quickly as possible.

By Mimi Calter

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