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Library Concierge Project: Thank you!



Concierge Keys

It’s been a very productive year of presentations and tours!  We couldn’t have done it without all of our fabulous speakers and tour guides. CPAG would like to thank all library staff that presented and helped organize this year’s tours and sessions. We also want to thank all those who presented in the Program's early years too!

It was really great to have so many Library Directors present this year, including Mike Keller!  We have received a lot of positive and useful feedback and are thrilled about the interest and attendance at the sessions this past academic year.

Here’s a recap of the 2013-14 Concierge Season:


  • SDR Self-Deposit and Discoverability (September 2013)
    Hannah Frost (Services Manager, Stanford Digital Repository & Stanford Media Preservation Lab); Daniel Hartwig (University Archives); Amy Hodge (Science Data Librarian); Sarah Lester (Engineering Librarian for Outreach, Instruction and Electronic Resources); and Stella Ota (Physics Librarian)
  • A Conversation with the University Librarian (November 2013) 
    Mike Keller (University Librarian, Founder/Publisher of HighWire Press, Publisher of Stanford University Press)
  • Toward a Combined Science Library (January 2014)
    Michael Newman (Head Librarian at Falconer Biology Library), Bob Schwarzwalder (Associate University Librarian for Science & Engineering Director, Library Technologies); and Linda Yamamoto (Math Librarian, now retired). This session included a tour of the combined Biology/Math library.
  • Library Directors and SUL Partnerships (February 2014)
    Zachary Baker (Assistant University Librarian for Collection Development); Bob Schwarzwalder (Associate University Librarian for Science & Engineering Director, Library Technologies); Rich Holeton (Director of Academic Computing Services); and Catherine Tierney (Associate University Librarian, Technical Services)
  • ACS Technical Systems - How Computers get Imaged (March 2014)
    Mike Queisser (Technical Systems Architect) and Alex Schorsch (Technical Systems Specialist)
  • Meet SUL’s Director of Communications and Development (May 2014)
    Gabrielle Karampelas (Director of Communications and Development)

Library Tours (offered in December 2013 and June 2014)

  • Law Library
    Paul Lomio (Library Director and Lecturer in Law)
  • Graduate School of Business Library
    Kathy Long (Library Director)
  • Lane Medical Library
    Marilyn Tinsley (Research Services Librarian)
  • Hoover Library and Archive
    Linda Bernard (Deputy Archivist); Samira Bozorgi (Assistant Archivist for Exhibits); and Jill Golden (Assistant Archivist for Communications & Outreach)
  • Music Library & Archive of Recorded Sound
    Ray Heigemeir (Public Services Librarian) and Jonathan Manton (Sound Archives Librarian)

Concierge Goes Behind-the-Scenes (October 2013 and May 2014)

  • DLSS Digitization Labs
    Doris Cheung (Digital Production Coordinator); Tony Calavano (Digital Lab Manager); Deardra Fuzzell (Cartographic Technology Specialist); Linda Lam (Book Digitization Specialist); Michael Olson (Service Manager for Born Digital / Forensics Lab); Astrid Smith (Rare Book and Special Collections Digitization Specialist); Wayne Vanderkuil (Lead Photographer, Digitization Specialist, Large Formats), and Geoff Willard (SMPL Media Production Coordinator)
  • “The Circle of the Sun” Exhibit (March 2014)
    David Jordan (Development Associate/Associate Curator for Paleographical Materials) and Becky Fischbach (Exhibits Manager & Designer)

Have you had an opportunity to utilize skills and knowledge you learned from one of these Concierge sessions? Please share it on the Forum page on Coursework.

CPAG (Concierge Program Advisory Group)

by Kris Kasianovitz

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