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Employee & Labor Relations Processes

We are a resource to university staff on work-related matters and regularly meet with representatives of local bargaining units on contract issues. Our work focuses on assisting in the interpretation and application of university policies, state and federal laws and managing the collective bargaining agreements. In addition, we manage Mandated Reporter compliance, the Apprenticeship Program, and the Stanford Community Leave Bank.

Policy Management and Interpretation

We manage content of Administrative Guide policies where the business owner is the Vice President of Human Resources, and assist employees and their managers in interpreting and applying workplace policies.See the Annual Policy Update section of the Cardinal at Work website for more information.

Resolving Workplace Issues

We support employees and their managers to address and resolve any issue that is preventing workplace effectiveness or that is in violation of the university code of conduct or other policies. See the Address a Workplace Concern section of the Cardinal at Work website for guidance.

Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining

We have an ongoing commitment and working relationships with two labor unions:

  • SEIU Local 2007 Higher Education Workers
  • Stanford Deputy Sheriffs’ Association

We work collaboratively and with mutual respects with both organizations in the areas of the university where employees have elected to have union representation.

The National Labor Relations Act is the primary legislation that governs the collective bargaining process. The National Labor Relations Board is responsible for enforcement of the Act.

See the Labor Relations & Collective Bargaining section of the Cardinal at Work website for details.

Bargaining Unit Job Specifications

The specifications describe characteristic duties and requirements at each of the established levels for jobs in the bargaining unit.

Stewards and Collective Bargaining Agreements

Flexible Work Options Consultation

Managers work with employees and local Human Resources professionals when reviewing flexible work options, the related policies, and the factors important to consider; see the Flexible Work Options section of the Cardinal at Work website in the Manage & Lead section. If needed, the local HR professional will contact Employee & Labor Relations for guidance.

For general inquiries, please contact us directly by calling (650) 721-4272 or by emailing