SoCo Staff Job Description

“The professor really left it up to us to plan and manage the group's outside-of-class time. We felt empowered to organize the schedule and to contribute to the learning experience at the end of each class through summaries and reflections. The most important experiences related to listening and learning from each participant, bonding with my co-SCA, getting to know my professor better while becoming more comfortable around him, and serving as a small-group leader who cares for the participants."

Sophomore College Assistant Job Description

Sophomore College Assistants (SCAs) are the primary point of contact for students during the program, and have responsibilities for students both in and outside of the classroom.  SCAs are liaisons between faculty, students, and the Sophomore College program. All seminars have two SCAs who provide support in the following roles:

Teaching Assistant

“My most important experience was during ‘SCA office hours’ when multiple students brought their questions to me. I loved being able to help them out, and it was great to know that they had the comfort around me and confidence in my knowledge to approach me for help.”

SCAs experience a unique opportunity to learn seminar material at a new level, be a class leader for discussions and tutor for students, and plan and lead out of class activities. SCAs work closely with and report to their seminar faculty for this aspect of their role.

Resident Assistant

“Day-to-day life in the dorms -- helping students with papers, discussing ideas, or just talking about general life was the most important part of being an SCA.”

SCAs live in the Sophomore College residence hall with their students and use out of class time to foster collaborative and peer learning as well as social opportunities for bonding. SCAs are supported by and report to the SoCo Residence Leaders for this aspect of their position.

Class Leader and Mentor

“The best part of being an SCA was getting to know and forming relationships with the sophomores, and helping them/giving advice for their future at Stanford.”

SCAs act as mentors and inevitably have a direct effect on students' choices at Stanford. SCAs also act as class leaders, providing faculty support on field trips, guest speakers, and special classroom events.


  • A returning student in autumn quarter following Sophomore College.
  • Offer 100% attention to Sophomore College during the program, with no other obligations during the program including any part-time employment, NSO commitments, or other activities.
  • Attend all mandatory meetings, including those occurring in spring quarter (Faculty/SCA Orientation Meeting, Title IX training, and SCA Spring Training); attend all training sessions occurring immediately in advance of the start Sophomore College (SCAs for seminars totally held off-campus have mandatory training before leaving campus for summer).
  • Ability to articulate the goals of Sophomore College and to use sound judgment in supporting program goals, and the ability to work effectively with a variety of people including a diverse student body.
  • Live with students in program housing and provide class support in building a joint residential and academic activity  through afternoon, evening, and weekend activities.
  • Demonstrated ability to take initiative, work independently, set priorities, and follow through in a timely manner as SCAs act as a liaison for faculty and must be responsive to September Studies staff.
  • Demonstrated excellent organizational skills, including the ability to manage and coordinate a variety of functions and to problem-solve


  • Academic or research experience relevant to the Sophomore College course content and sufficient to allow the SCA to serve as TA to Sophomore College faculty


  • Room and Dining
    All SCAs will receive room and board while housed in program-assigned dorms and will be reimbursed for early arrival to fall housing assignments.  Dining is provided during the program through dinner on the Thursday immediately before school begins. Until fall dining contracts begin, staff are responsible for their own dining.
  • Stipend for full-time work during the Sophomore College Program Dates
    Undergraduate SCAs: $1,000
    Graduate SCAs: $1,200
    Stipends are taxable income and paid in a lump sum soon after the end of September.