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If you declared after 8/31/13 you must receive a grade of C or higher in each core course. 

STS 1: Gateway Requirement (4 units)

STS 1 offers both majors and non-majors a rich introduction to the field of STS, providing historical and contemporary case studies and a survey of key concepts and methods. It is team-taught, and includes a required discussion section.

In the Winter Quarter of 2015, a number of students prepared media projects for their final assignment which provide an excellent overview of course themes and topics. The student media projects can be viewed on YouTube here

Disciplinary Requirement (20 or more units)

Select 4 courses from the Social Sciences and Humanities Course menu and 2 courses from the Engineering and Science Course menu. At least 1 of the 6 courses must fulfill a STS WIM (see ★) requirement for all majors. At least 1 of the 6 courses must fulfill a STS Global (see ⌘) requirement if declared after 8/31/2014. Students may not double-count courses in the core and concentration area.

Social Sciences and Humanities Courses

Engineering and Science Courses

Senior Requirement (4-10 Units)