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Streamlining Faculty and Academic Staff Appointments

May 1, 2013

The current model for faculty and academic staff appointments at Stanford might be described as inconsistent — and also perhaps a little bit archaic. Seeking to streamline and automate the faculty and academic staff appointment process, the Faculty Affairs Office has joined forces with Administrative Systems to collaborate on an integrated appointment management system for use by all the schools. 

The centralized system will help reduce appointment processing time, improve accountability and compliance with University policies, and facilitate coordination with Faculty Affairs and Human Resources.

The first phase of this 12-month project is underway to build the necessary platform and processing for the Professorial Amendments process, which will allow users to make changes to professional appointments online.

AS is partnering with the Dean of Research and several schools on the business requirements for the project, including the professional schools (Business, Law, and Medicine) and the Schools of Earth Sciences, Engineering, and Humanities.

Technical design and development are in progress, and the first phase is expected to go live in Spring 2013.

Contact Sameer Marella for more information about this project.