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Accounts and Passwords

The University provides faculty, staff, and students a variety of computing resources and online services. A SUNet ID (an account name that identifies you as a member of the Stanford community) and password is required to access most of these services.

Another class of account, the sponsored SUNet ID, is available to anyone with a valid affiliation to current faculty or staff; a monthly charge applies. Yet another class of account, the Guest Account, is available for visitors to Stanford including conference attendees, collaborators, and colleagues at other institutions.

Service Tiers

There are three tiers or "packages" of SUNet IDs:

  1. Base. Includes login ID and directory listing in StanfordWho.
  2. Full (sponsored). Base services and email, Web, file storage, and list services.
  3. Full (University-eligible). Adds free or discounted software to the services above.

Getting started

To create a SUNet ID or to change your password, go to

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Last modified August 7, 2014