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Media Storage Services

University IT designed the Media Storage service to meet the needs of a post-production video editing workflow. The service is a complete shared-storage solution that supports collaboration across Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X operating systems while supporting the broadest range of applications.

The storage service begins with consultation and gathering requirements. The Data Storage Services team will work with clients, vendors, and other Stanford IT organizations to create and/or coordinate the fastest, most secure, and most cost-effective solutions for each client's storage needs. 


  • High-performance storage systems optimized to enable collaborative workflows, providing faster and more cost-effective solutions for creation, management, processing, and delivery of content
  • File systems designed for fast streaming and a large dataset, with policy-based data management for automatic data tiering and protection across primary storage, extended online storage, and cloud storage
  • Seamless integration with leading public cloud storage vendors via its native data management software for virtually unlimited off-premise storage 
  • Proven high-performance media editing solutions on a shared platform
  • High availability of enterprise storage systems with redundancy and flexibility to grow
  • Enterprise-level highly available infrastructure that balances reliability, cost, and performance
  • Provide end-to-end 16Gbps fiber channel network for maximum throughputs
  • Shared cost structure amortized over three years
Last modified January 7, 2016