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Nolij is a web-based document imaging and management solution used by departments to electronically collect, store, and manage business files online.

Nolij enables departments and business units to store scanned electronic versions of paper documentation, eliminating the need for physical storage of the original documents.


  • Access critical documents and real time information with a single click
  • Utilize the browser and operating system of your choice
  • Work with any document on a document-neutral viewer
  • Provide customized, self-service options

System requirements

To ensure that Nolij functions properly, it is recommended that you use one of the following browsers:

  • Firefox 13+ 
  • Internet Explorer 8+ (recommended)
  • Safari

In addition to the browser recommendations above, you will also need to have Java enabled in your browser.

Getting started

Users are granted access to Nolij via Authority Manager.

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Last modified January 6, 2016