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Amazon Web Services (AWS) Enterprise Agreement

Stanford does not have a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with Amazon Web Services and therefore AWS cannot be used to store or share PHI data.

In early September 2014, current AWS account holders should have received an email directly from Amazon Web Services, on Stanford’s behalf, informing them of the new Enterprise Agreement negotiated between Amazon Web Services and Stanford University as of May 2014. Some of the new terms are significantly improved from the “click-through” consumer terms.

If you are intending to continue to use this AWS account for Stanford research, teaching or other business purposes, please review and agree to the new terms.

If you are not using this AWS account for Stanford purposes, please change your account so that it utilizes an external email address today to avoid reminder emails regarding consenting to the amended terms. Instructions on how to do this can be found below in the FAQ section.

Consent and see more details of the negotiated contract.

For inquiries, please submit a HelpSU, which will submit a AWS specific ticket.

As Stanford continues its joint efforts with Amazon Web Services this page will continue to be updated.

Thank you,

Stanford University IT

Last modified December 10, 2015