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IT Facilities Management and Business Continuity Management

What we do

IT Facilities Management is responsible for providing operational management and support for mission critical facilities housing production and development IT systems and supporting infrastructure. Facilities supported include the Forsythe Hall Data Center, the Northwest Data Center and Communications Hub (NDCCH), nine geographically distributed Electronic Communications Hubs (ECHs), and the Auxiliary Data Center located in Livermore, California.

Hosting Service Management is responsible for capacity management, rack-level space planning, order processing, fulfillment and provisioning, data center network, and billing of data center services. This team also leads client engagement for IT Facilities Management, including demand management and complex project management for data center installations.

Technical Facilities (TFAC) is responsible for oversight of IT's technical facilities including power, cooling, racks, room-level space planning, maintenance, monitoring applications, engineering, security and access control, capital planning and projects, and property administration. This team also leads vendor/partner engagement with BGM, Zone Management, and third-party vendors.

Business Continuity Management is responsible for IT Services’ efforts related to crisis management, emergency response management, disaster recovery, business recovery, and contingency planning. This includes partnership with ITOC on the IT Department Operations Center (DOC) and sponsorship of IT SCERT (Stanford Community Emergency Response Team). Also serves as IT Services' representative on the STAT team, Emergency Operations Center (EOC), and the Emergency Management Steering Committee.

The IT Facilities Management and Business Continuity Management​ staff includes:

More information

For details on the services provided, please see the following pages:

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For additional details about Hosting Service Management, please contact Lucrecia Kim-Boswell.

For additional details about Technical Facilities, please contact Bob Moya.

For additional details about Business Continuity Management, please contact Matthew Ricks