Video Archive for 2011

An index of Stanford News videos for 2011.

Computer models help predict tsunami risk

750 pages of tobacco conspiracy

Hennessy on technology's future role in the classroom

Stanford presents Michael Frayn's 'Copenhagen'

Seismic retrofit for Peruvian village

Simulating how proteins self-assemble, or fold

What happened to the Humboldt squid?

New iPhone/iPad app course now on iTunes U

ESPN's College GameDay show comes to Stanford

Kofi Annan on world food crisis

New social media not so new

Software helps study how people move

Nanotube springs stretch skin-like sensor

Stanford's 2011 Roundtable: 'Education Nation 2.0'

Gathering data in the Amazon Basin

Stanford course yields touchscreen Braille writer

Mountain Lions at Jasper Ridge

Stanford on iTunes U hits download milestone

'Move-in day' 2011 at Stanford

121st Opening Convocation Ceremony

Senior Michael Tubbs Shares His Story

Stanford philosophy, talk-radio style

Male elephants' unexpected hierarchy

Example of the motion-defined words used in the study

Research offers glimpse of life in future acidic seas

Riverwalk Jazz: 'Can't We Be Friends?'

Steve Jobs' early career boxed in Stanford's archives

Stanford wires up vintage sports cars

Stanford introduces new solar car

Laughing in the face of danger

Easy-on, easy-off nanowire electronics

Researchers create transparent lithium-ion battery

Fish get ready for sex in a hurry

Helping to solve the mystery of earthquakes

Students create 'JediBot' for a class project

Students' robots 'learn' golf, the art of grilling

Global warming's impact on premium wines

Software creates interactive streaming video

Faculty collaborate to improve online education

Stanford Summer Theater Presents 'Old Times'

A better solar-powered water splitter

2011 Commencement ceremony

2011 Baccalaureate Celebration

2011 Class Day Lecture

Stanford scientists predict permanently hotter summers

Staff gathers for Multicultural Springfest

Eric Holder dedicates new Law School building

STAN event serves as prototype for future events

Stanford professor aims to bring space science down to Earth

George Packer brings 'Betrayed' to Stanford

Stanford Powwow continues 40-year tradition

Students in MobiSocial Lab envision future of social networking

Robots, inventors take center stage at Stanford

President Hennessy's annual address to the Academic Council

Virtual reality changes real-life behavior

Fishfarm wastes can drift to distant shores

Keeping the wings on the airplane

Long-dead colors on marble come to life in Cantor exhibit

One-hour exercise can change minority students' lives

Cornel West, Miriam Rivera on race, class and educational access

New way to faster, cheaper wireless

Tracking leatherback turtles to unexpected seas

Pre-Incan rituals used conches, but for what?

Global clean energy within reach

New technique offers deep, long look inside the brain

The bold new world of biotic games

Artificial 'wood' could reduce landfill waste